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Javascript for validating email addresses

When you play around with the function, you’ll notice that the validation function is only called when the focus leaves the field, so you have to click outside of the field to actually make that error message pop up.

So the Pre Save Action() function is our entry point to make any kind of validations.

Put it in the Content Editor web part (or if you need to do some kind of Server side processing, put it in the Share Point Web part) I used it to get the value from hidden field (which was populated in the web part Page_Load method) and wrote the below function in the ascx file.

After searching for Pre Save Item function, I found it in the ~\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033 folder\file.

The Pre Save Item function had the below definition.

Email list validation & cleaning maximizes the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns and protects your email sender reputation.

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Another thing I like to do is to display the validation error message on the form in an otherwise hidden field: The problem with our last solution is that if the user saves a partially filled form, and picks it up at a later time, that error message that popped up is long gone, and the only indication that there is something wrong with the form is the modified field color.

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Email List Cleaning improves your email sender reputation and increases your inbox delivery rate by removing bad email addresses.You no longer have to check your emails one by one, so if you run an email marketing agency, call center or lead generator, our Bulk Email Verifier tool is exactly what you need to get high quality leads.Start Your FREE Trial Now Upload your email list as plain text (.txt) or as comma-separated values (CSV) file - one email address per line, CSVs with 'Email' as column header.I had a look at the Save button on the Default Edit form, using the IE Developer tool and its “onclick” event looked something like this. Pre Save Item()) return false; Web Form_Do Post Back With Options(new Web Form_Post Back Options(“9440_59e98$ctl00$tool Bar Tbl$ctl00$diid IOSave Item”, “”, true, “”, “”, false, true))” Share Point checks for the Pre Save Item function before calling the save method.If the value returned from Pre Save Item is false it simply returns without doing anything.In the latter case, we set rc to false, and also display an error message.