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Nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm

beneran deh, berharap banget mereka jadi real couple.

Admin waktu itu cuma tau Yoo Jaesuk dan Joongki ^^,v Nah, dari sinilah admin mulai nyari2 tau tentang FO dan VS2 lain.

baru ngeh deh kalo KJK itu penyanyi tenar, (dipelototin Sparta x D) , Ji Sukjin ahjussi itu MC, Ha Ha juga penyanyi.

[ps:some site tell me that the visual in Hello Venus is Alice and Nara,but since i dont find their pic together,for now,i will just put Alice pic,but if some of you (Who read this post) has the pic of both of them,please tell me,thank you..][Normally, Jewelry’s Visual is Eunjung,but she alr left the group bcs her contract is expired,so i change it into Yewon,since now in Jewelry,she is the member with most appearance in both show and drama]-Starred at MBN’s drama “What’s up” as Yang Jieun (2011) – Starred at T-ara’s MV “Good Person” (Version 1, Version 2) for Cinderella Man OST – Starred at 2FACE (Feat.

“My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop.

Kalo Gary dan Gwangsoo, jujur RM-lah yang membuat nama mereka melejit yah.. Admin mau curhat dikit nih, pas tau kabar klo Joongki keluar admin bahkan nangis. Selalu sukses bikin perut kontraksi 😀 Tapi salah satu ep. Pas semua sepi udah tidur, admin ngikik2 sendiri, hihiii~ mpe temen2 kost (admin masih anak kost btw, siapa yg nanya) geleng2 dan eh ujung2nya mereka ketularan suka juga!

I can see them falling for each other more and more.. And kim so eun the cute wife, an easygoing and tough ..You can feel their love towards each other, though this is just a virtual marriage but for them as an artist showing/expressing their feelings are so natural.

This couple, for some reason progressed slow but is constantly going up with their committed marriage / dating. I really like this couple because we can see through their eyes when they look at each other, their body language, their smile whenever they around each other etc that they are genuine.I can really see a bond or a relationship when I watch the two of them. All other couples are trying all too hard to make it seems like they are really couples, some even went on to hugging in short amount of time. I'm surprised Jonghyun hasn't kidnapped her already and run a way to a place where nobody else is, away from the cameras. They seemed to want to be together from first sight, and every episode gets sweeter and sweeter between them. God bless them and may they always be happy together! LJH and GSY fighting.😍 So Rim, LTE Couple (Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun) One of the best couple in wgm history (the best couple for me, standing side by side with khuntoria and yongseo). They playing, teasing each other, taking care their partner, make a joke or cheesy comment, compete, fight (verbally and physically...The other couples in WGM has the feel of watching a variety show. However, Yonghwa and Seohyun are genuine, both did not push each others into doing things uncomfortable and both parties respected each others. The way he talks about her, the way he looks at her, the way he cares for her all indicate that he has fallen for her. I'm glad I accidentally found them in one of my friend's blog, and after watching 2 episode, they successfully brought me back to wgm after going "hiatus" for 2 season. yeah, I know) in the funniest, cutest, sweetest way possible.But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. It’s fine because I also won’t be able to provide any proof of her story.Most of the stories are old stories that already here (mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.Lugu dan polosnya itu loh, memikat, hahahaa~ Dan admin juga Monday Couple shipper. Seneng ngeliat dia cepet akrab ama RM member, bahkan memproklamirkan diri sebagai fans RM dan Monday Couple.