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It might even come to an ultimatum between turning off the cartoons or sleeping on the couch.

Pray tell me, gentle readers - how are these characters supposed to bond and form a relationship when they can’t even communicate in the first place? Now, imagine yourself in Todd’s shoes - you’re in a bad mood and suddenly someone comes along and decides you’re going to have ~FUN!!! In short, the characters need to be able to discuss things and make compromises with each other, taking each others' feelings and views into account.

It’s a frighteningly common thing for characters who are intended to be shipped with another to ignore the wants and desires of the target of their affections in the name of “persistence.” For example, if Todd is in a foul mood and says he doesn’t want to go dancing right now, Jordan will persist in trying to drag Todd out to the dance floor, never mind how much or how hard Todd protests. A relationship where one constantly overrides the other or where the other constantly allows xirself to be overridden is not a healthy relationship.

Do you feel a sudden, overwhelming urge to date these hypothetical people?

Now imagine that they rub their skills in your face and make a point of one-upping you, as many OCs are wont to do with their intended love interests.

Likewise, if Person A tries to shift the conversation to something xe finds interesting and the Person B only continues with flirtations and come-ons, then that’s a pretty decent indicator that Person B isn’t looking for a substantial relationship. In real life, if a couple never disagrees with each other, that means that one of them isn't being honest and is just giving in to what the other wants.

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But as a person I know described his personal experiences: “A shared experience of being oppressed is a rather lousy basis for a friendship as compared to, I dunno, a love of banana Runts.Reason being, you're going to have some really depressing conversations.

Shared traumas and nearly-identical tragedies are a pretty common go-to, the general idea usually being that the other character will finally have someone who at long last understands them.Now imagine a stranger you know nothing about except for the fact that xe has that same skill, only xe’s better at it.Now, if applicable, imagine someone who does your job, only better.Jean and Rob, who were supposed to be best friends, didn’t stay best friends for long.In another example of Doin’ It Wrong, one OC created to be paired with Loki (we’ll call her Anna) was apparently remarkably thick.After awhile it becomes clear that Cam will not be placated until Lex starts behaving how Cam thinks Lex “should” behave.